Market Study

We provide for your access to UAE, one of the most promising emerging markets in the world.

We are a leading advisory and investment services firm with unrivalled access to leading executives in UAE and around the world. Whatever the scale of the project, we will guide our clients in implementing their market entry strategy, providing a one-stop service for investment projects related to Energy, Real Estate, Healthcare etc.


  • Business Assessment
  • Finacial Evaluation
  • Investment Alignment
  • Brand Evaluation & Audit
  • Market Study
Market Study
Build Strategy

Build Strategy

Investment Strategy is the key to success.

On a broad scale, our global partnerships commit us to link the investment professionals in our network with each other, and/or to important clients of our organization with which we are in constant contact.

In today’s age of risk awareness and increased scrutiny, investors face significant challenges related to the governance of their investment programs and the success of investment strategy. At Nadella Investments we ousselves see as an investor, and more specifically as advisors we act as intermediaries and explain the investment ideas of the experts to our external clientele. In turn, they identify their needs and wishes for which we aim to reciprocate by providing innovative means and propose adequate solutions to their investment necessities.



  • Investment Strategy Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Create Long term & Short term goals
  • Startegy Implementation Plan
  • Partnerships, Negotiation & Training
Build Strategy
Implement and Manage

Implement and Manage

Aligning projects to efficiency & management

One consideration is to place all investments into one structure contract Nadella Investments to provide a management service where all investments will be visible under one umbrella thus reducing cost and making keeping track of your investments so much simpler.

We have over recent years been engaged by international developers, asset managers, investment groups & real estate operators who have all seen the benefit of retaining an experienced investment manager to carryout these essential activities that help in the success of any offering.



Our management services below ensure high returns and efficiency.

  • Investment Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Ongoing Management Services
  • Reports & Audits
Implement and Manage


Evaluate Your Investments & Projects consistently.

Having gathered all relevant investment data in one place, it’s time to evaluate the current portfolio. Depending on your approach, you may wish to develop a ranking or scoring system to ensure the evaluation is objective and consistent. Learnings from this step will affect the creation of a new portfolio later on. Review the portfolio and look for any obvious issues, interdependencies between projects, high-risk projects, and over-allocated resources.

There are a few areas in which you need to constantly review and improvise, These include:

  • Project data: Schedule and milestones; risk level; resource allocation; projected ROI, and reporting schedule and tools.
  • Organizational data: Available resources and skills, and current and upcoming resource assignments.
  • Investment data: Current Investments, ROI, Capital Gains, Tax Issues, Future Growth Plans.